Denver Roofing Experts Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Anyone who has lived along the Front Range for any length of time know that the weather here can be pretty extreme, with hot summers and cold, snowy winters. This means that for typical Denver roofing, regular maintenance is required, since these conditions can cause a great deal of wear and tear. Without this regular maintenance, the average homeowner will soon find it necessary to get a new roof. Denver homeowners who make small investments in regular preventive maintenance on the other hand will find that it is easy and economical to extend the life of their unique Denver roofing.

Finding the Right Roofing Contractor

Denver homeowners should first check out the various contractors in their area and interview several of them. When interviewing the residential roofer, Denver homeowners should ask about the following issues:

how long have they been doing business in the area?

who are some of their clients? Will they give references?

what materials are used?

are their Denver roofers licensed and bonded?

are their Denver roofing services guaranteed?

Of course, price of Denver roofing services is always a concern, but remember that cheaper isn’t necessarily better. After all, a roof that is installed at a bargain price that has to be replaced after only five years isn’t really much of a bargain.

Commercial vs. Residential Roofer

Denver homes are different than commercial buildings and the roof requirements are likewise different. Before committing to that new roof, Denver homeowners should have their needs thoroughly evaluated by the professional roofing contractor. Denver homes should after all have these needs met and even exceeded. On the other hand, there is no point in paying for more roof than one actually needs. The typical Front Range home needs a roof that can stand up to environmental conditions but generally does not require the same industrial-strength roofing that a heavy industry or office building might need.

Denver Roofing Choices

If it’s time for a new roof, Denver roofers have a variety of materials to choose from. Which of these you may want will depend largely on:


construction of the home

personal taste

For example, a common composite shingle roof is inexpensive compared to other types, but generally it does not last more than fifteen years. Tile and slate roofing are incredibly durable and can last for a century or more, but such durability comes at a cost – and some residential structures are not build to take that kind of weight. Cedar shingles are a good compromise in this regard. Consult your local Denver roofing expert for more information.