Learn the Tips for Estimating Roofing Materials

While planning a roofing project, you should compare the costs of the popular roofing materials for creating your budget. Wood shingles and asphalt are the common thatch materials used in the USA. Weather resistant metal tiling is also an alternative for homeowners.

Before you start to shingle your tiles, you should ensure the fact that you have the right amount of materials. If you estimate your needs, you will find yourself in the difficulty of having too many or too few roofing nails for accomplishing your project. Calculating the materials required by you for your tiling project could be an unnerving task due to the many angles of the roof. The tiling industry addresses this matter with a standardized system, selling its materials in a measurement called -squares’. Each square is the equal to 100 square feet of the flat area. As soon as you know the total number of squares your roof is having, you will be able to order every thing required by you.

Let’s have a look at the steps for estimating roofing materials:

Take measurements of your tiles

Climb onto the roof with the help of a tape to take the measurement. Try to take one measurement from the top of the main portion of your roof and another measurement from one end to another. Multiply the 2 measurements you have taken for obtaining the square footage. If a section of a roof is 40 feet long and 20 feet high, you could multiply the two for getting 800 square feet. Repeat this process for measuring every section of the tiles. However if you see that the areas are not square or rectangular in shape, make use of the longest span to do the calculations.

Add 10% after calculating the square footage

After calculating the total square footage, try to add 10% to it. If your roof has a total square footage of 2,000, the working number will be 2,200.You should divide that number by 100 in order to obtain the number of roofing squares. In this case, you would place orders for 22 squares of tiling shingles.

Place order for the felt underpayment

You should place orders for the felt underpayment of your tiles by making use of the same figure of the tiling square. Estimate the total number of roofing nails required by multiplying the roofing square number by 350 in order to get the nails for every tiling square.

Check out these steps for estimating your tiling materials. However if you are confused you could consult with the best South Florida Roofing contractor for executing your task.

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