Pros and Cons of Different Roof Cleaning Methods

There are many roof staining organisms like moss, lichens and algae that feed on any organic materials found in your shingles; this actually means that they actually eat the roof of your house and should they be left untreated, they can cause untold damage. There is a lot of confusing information about roof cleaning methods so much so that many homeowners don’t know what choice to make. It is a good thing for you to have enough information about different roof cleaning services so you can make an informed decision when you are looking for a roof wash contractor.

Eco-friendly low pressure roof cleaning method: This roof cleaning method uses high end products that are environmentally friendly; such products are free from some known harsh chemicals that are known to pollute waterways and even kill vegetation. In order to avoid the damaging high pressure roof cleaning methods they use the no pressure rinsing system.

The no pressure roof cleaning method is popular because the results are complete and instant. The moss, lichens and algae will be gone completely before the roof cleaning contractor leaves your property. The technicians have eco-friendly cleaning products like the roof shampoo and they come with specifically designed equipment that is safe and gentle on the roof of your house; the integrity of the roof shingles is left intact as well as the landscaping. The only downside with this roof cleaning method is the high cost of eco-friendly chemicals as compared to the cheap chlorine bleach chemicals. One important thing to remember; get an expert who gives you a guarantee they will completely clear the moss, lichens and algae before they leave your property and one who will offer a yearly stain prevention program.

The chlorine-bleach roof cleaning method: There are roof cleaning contractors who use chlorine bleach mixed with other chemicals; the chemicals are sprayed on the roof where they are left to dry before they are reapplied several times. With this method the algae, moss and lichens will not come off immediately but they are supposed to come off eventually and especially when it rains. One reason some homeowners choose this soft roof wash method is because it is affordable while the technicians will not have to go on to the roof to do the rinsing or any inspection after it has been done.

The greatest downside with this roof cleaning method has to do with the odor of the chemicals used and you may not see the results instantly, especially when your roof has been invaded by moss and lichens. The other problem has to do with the possibility of harming anyone person or pets that will be exposed to the fumes from the chemicals. What’s more, these chemicals could also permanently damage your trees, shrubs, plants etc. Choose carefully what roof cleaning method is right for your house.