Standardization of buildings for housing

If you are planning a home purchase to housing developers, if asked about the standardization of building a home made? Better you ask in advance because it is very important to determine the quality of houses that you will buy. Of course, after you ask it to a developer, you do cross-checks in the field, whether the developers say in accordance with the existing building or not?

The amount of the quality of building materials used, influence on the resistance of the building period. Of the best quality at a great price, then the medium and finally the low quality at a price certainly cheaper. Standardization of the building can also be influenced by natural factors or contour of the land. If you are in the tropics, of course, you choose building materials can reduce heat, because it is generally in the tropical warm air temperature. However, if the air temperature was cold areas, then surely you will look for your home building material that is able to provide warmth.

If you are in Indonesia (Southeast Asia), booming property business. Many developers offer apartments, office space, luxury housing to offer with label “ perumahan murah ”. Not that developers offer cheap housing was to build a house with a lower quality, it could be developers offer housing at bargain prices because the existence of government subsidies for the construction of housing that people who have high levels of low to middle income can buy a house at an affordable price, with good quality building materials, and not cheap. Policies regarding housing for the people of each State is different, but to standardize the quality of the building on the outline is the same.

It is recommended to you who are not so familiar with the quality of the building, to encourage the builder when you are going to buy a house. Of course building experts can assess the house offered by the developer to you, whether home prices offered by the building materials that are applicable or not. Do not be deceived by offering a high price, but you get a house with a very low quality of the buildings, or vice versa.

Now you need to check if you are going to buy a cheap house is:
1. Foundations
Use good foundation stone

2. Frame Roof
In general roof truss wood roof truss normally use, but now because of the high wooden roof frame can be replaced with a lightweight steel roof truss

3. Wall
It’s good to use a red brick wall, but to get a cheap price but the quality of the medium there could use brick, indeed quality under a red brick but not too bad

4. Floor
For the floor you should use ceramics

I hope the above information provides benefits for all of us who will buy a home through a real estate developer or you choose yourself.