The Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Roofing

Roof is an essential part of any building. This is because it is the top most covering of a house. Besides being essential, a goodlooking roof also adds beauty to your house. There are several kinds of roofing available nowadays. These roofs are also made of different materials like metals, woods, asphalt, fiber glass and mud flap. Each material endows a unique look to the roof and is suited for different styles of houses. They also have their set of advantages. Now let us take a look at the types of roofs.

There are mainly three types of roofing. Flat roofing, pitched roofing and shell roofing are the most popular of the various types of roofing. Among these three, flat roofing is the commonest one. Flat roofing usually has a slope of 1 degree to 5 degrees. Their construction is very much similar to that of the floor construction. It is safer than other types of roofs. Its maintenance is simpler and cheaper in comparison to the others. It is also capable of providing better light and ventilation to your house. It will also give your house a great appearance. If you want to construct the upper floor, then it can be done in the minimum time. Other than these advantages it has certain disadvantages too. Flat roofing is not suitable for industrial purpose. It might prove to be fatal during heavy snowfall or rainfall.

Other than these there are also other kinds of roofing. Pitch flat roofing can be done within a very shot period of time. It does not need any special kind of water proofing or weather shielding treatment. This type of roofing does not have any problem with the drainage of both water and snow. It is used highly for industrial sheds. But it has some shortcomings as well. Pitch flat roofing is not very durable one. It might have leakage problem after sometime. If iron sheets are being used in the construction of the pitch flat roofing, this might lead to the problem of rust. Generally, shell flat roofs are used in the public buildings. It is used in the robust buildings like, libraries, theaters, factories, workshops and so on. This kind of roofing is ideal to cover the bigger floor area. Shell flat roofing usually do not have any leakage problem. But this category of roofing is not ideal for allowing proper ventilation, light and upper construction.

Since you will spend quite a good amount on the roofing of your house, so, you should be aware of the warranties they have on them. If you are based in Toronto, Ontario, then there are many roofing suppliers here. They generally provide warranty of minimum 10 years. Sometimes this even goes up to 25 years. The best way to look for quality roofing with warranties is through the internet. Here you will have wide options to choose from. Moreover, online stores offer discounts at most of the time.