Why Bother Doing Annual Gutter Cleaning Or Hiring A Gutter Cleaning Service

Why would you want to go out in the cold outdoors and drag your longest ladders out of the garage. Get your gardening gloves on, pull your wife or children out of the house to help hold the ladders and then start the dirty job of cleaning the rain gutters of your house?

Why indeed! Many people in the UK have not bothered and I get to see the results because I own a gutter cleaning service that is having to pick up the pieces. First of all you need to know what collects in the rain water conduit system if you don’t do an annual clean. On your roof there are roof tiles and these are eroded by rain water during the year and then tiny partcles wash off anf end up, guess where?

Yes, they should wash away but because they are heavy they stick in the bottom and cling onto the sides and then moss rolls in and sticks to the sludge that has built up there. Now twigs, seeds, and leaves and any airborne flora and fauna collect in your gutter system.

I have not mentioned that old repairs of rubber sealant often break loose, the soil from the moss and the lichens and other things do run away a little, just enough to get caught in the bend in the top of the downpipe resulting in a collection of highly fertile debris nestling in the downpipe or even above it if you have leafguards in the mouth of the downpipe.

Now the gutter is going to become a beautiful microgarden that you will not see. The entire system is often laden down with heavy soil, sludge and vegetation. The weight of course pulls the entire structure and put it under such strain that the gutters bend, the joints decompose, the brackets snap and warp. Really the whole system needs to be replaced but of course to the uneducated eye, it all looks fine.

Actually people never look up when it rains and if they did they would see rain not flowing down the gutter but pouring onto the brickwork and eroding it, washing away the mortar and seeping slowly into nooks and crannies in the roof space, the walls, the woodwork.

If you leave it long enough to see the damage with the naked eye then you will be unhappy to learn from a builder that it is too late and the internal damage is going to be considerable and you will need to spend a small fortune on getting the walls rerendered, the wood replaced, the guttering replaced.

Of course if you don’t fancy doing the work yourself then type something like gutter cleaning London into a search engine and get a company to do the work.
Hope I persuaded you to do something about it and not ignore it until next year.